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Do I need a Domain name if I want a Website?

  • Yes you do. To explain it simply. Your website’s domain name is like your address. Everyone needs a place to live.

I see your packages are limited to 5 pages. What if I need more?

This is not a problem. We start off with these packages as it caters and meets the needs of most people. We do also understand that websites are like people and all of them are different. If you need more than what is advertised on the website, please contact us and we will gladly assist and work out a plan for your needs.

What happens if my Domain expires?

We constantly monitor our clients domains and websites to ensure everything is always running like a swiss watch. So we will be in contact with you before your Domain is up for renewal and ensure that your stays up and running.

What is the difference between your hosting packages?

Remote Support is virtual support that allows us to connect to your machine without being in front of you machine. So instead of comming to your house or office and eating all your food and drink all your coffee we stay at our office and don’t eat your food or drink all your coffee.

What does Website Maintenance actually mean?

It is quite simple. Imagine your website is your house. Maintenance means that you have someone cleaning the house, a gardening service and a pool boy. So we constantly keep the back-end updated and secure to ensure that all you need to do is show your friends and clients how nice everything looks.

I still don't know what to choose?

Websites, Hosting and Domains can be tricky and sometimes intimidating. Not to worry, you can kindly contact us and we will guide your through what option to choose and if need be even set up a custom option if the need is there. Always remember, We Are On Your Side.

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