Starting at R235




Why do I need Internet Security?

  • It protects you online and prevents nasty little viruses
  • It helps keep you system running smooth and all your pin’s and password out of the hands of dodgy people
  • It helps you to stay clear of sites that are aimed at harming your computer which in turn can harm your data

Do you only do anti-virus software?

No. We do all kind of software required. However software is a unique thing and we usually take it on a case by case basis. So if you require software or any advice on software you might be thinking of getting. Give us a call and we will assist as much we can.

I want one. What now?

Easy peasy. Once payment has been received a download link for ESET Internet Security will be emailed to you along with your activation key.

I already think I have a virus. What now?

There is no wrong time in getting some Internet Security. Most of a time after installing a proper antivirus like ESET the viruses can be tracked down and neutralized to prevent any further damage.

I have 30 computers that I want to cover what now?

We have you covered. The pricing for then will be R235 x 30

I need software installed?

No problem. We can assist you in making sure the correct software and version are acquired. Hop on over to our IT Support page. Have a look at our Remote Support and On-Site Support options there. You should find a option that works for you.

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