IT Support

Starting at R250

Remote Support

on-site Support


Which Plan is Right For You?


Great for small and quick supporting

Great for printer linking

Great for configuring a few quick settings


All the same benefits of the EASY 30

Great for installing applications

Great for configuring and setting up more complex applications


Great for when new applications are implemented

Great for installing, configuring and installing new applications

Great for when someone needs to be trained on a appliction


Great if you require continuous support

Great if your you have a ever changing business environment

Great if you need unlimited support

Better Value

Remote Support means less travel time for technicians which means less downtime for you

Connected Devices

Easy to use ticketing system which is responded to within 2 hours.

Custom Packages

Custom packages for remote support are available. Gladly contact us if you would like to discuss a custom setup for you or your company.


What do I need to be eligible for Remote Support?

  • A relatively stable internet conection (LTE or Fibre)
  • Some sort of remote support application such as Anydesk or Teamviewer (we can assist with this as well)
  • A clued-up technician… well, just ask us, it’s easier and we’re pretty clued-up 

What if my internet is slow?

This is not a problem as we should still be able to connect to your device. However, if any downloads are required this might not be able on certain time packages. Please enquire with us should you be uncertain.

I requested support, but now I have loadshedding?

This is not a problem at all. We will gladly rebook your session a few hours later when loadshedding is over, or the next day depending on the timeframe.

What is Remote Support?

Remote Support is virtual support that allows us to connect to your PC/Laptop without being in front of you machine to resolve the issue you are experiencing. Sometimes, we cannot resolve the issue remotely and we need to book a physical call-out session. We will however be able to advise you quite quickly after connecting to your PC.

Can I get Remote Support if I don't have internet?

Unfortunately, remote support is only available if you have internet connectivity. If you are experiencing an internet related issue, a physical call-out is probably going to be necessary, but we can try to diagnose the issue telephonically.

I booked a session but missed it?

Please try not to miss your session… but we will gladly reschedule without penalties.

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